A Diamond Jewelry Buyer's Journey

Mike J. Cook County Buyers Inc.

My name is Mike and I have been in the jewelry industry my entire life. It all started at the young age of 12. At that time my uncle owned a few pawnshops and I asked if I could help out at one of his shops. I started out just cleaning up around the store, but soon enough I realized I was mostly interested in the jewelry end of the business. I began refurbishing used gold jewelry and spent a few years working for my uncle learning much about diamonds, gold, silver, and watches.

Next I began working for Rogers & Hollands Jewelers from the age of 17 and worked with them par time all through my college career at UIC. I graduated from UIC with a Bachelors degree in business and went on to work full time at Rogers & Hollands. Eventually I moved up and became a store manager and managed several different locations. I spent ten-years with Rogers & Hollands and I learned so much during this time but I felt a need to be independent, as I no longer enjoyed selling jewelry and felt burnt out.

Around 2011 the price of gold was sky-rocketing and I began to buy scrap gold from posting ads on Craiglist. It was then that I realized I could start my own business buying gold and other jewelry from private sellers. I made the difficult decision to leave the security of my well paying career with Rogers & Hollands and I formed Cook County Buyers.

Eventually the price of gold came back down and many sellers had already sold their gold. The scrap gold business was “drying up” and I began to expand my purchasing to include diamonds, and other estate jewelry with a focus on fine designer jewelry as well as sterling silver flatware, and gold and silver bullion and coins.

Fast forward to present day and Cook County Buyers has became a top choice for individuals looking to sell any estate jewelry and diamonds, gold or silver and even high end watches. With nearly a decade of buying under my belt, I feel I am just getting started, and will continue to grow and enhance the experience for my clients including my recent move to the Northbrook Executives Suites in downtown Northbrook. This location is convenient, private and secure so feel free to contact me today for a free estimate and to schedule a meeting; I look forward to earning your business!

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Mike J.
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Selling your Diamond Jewelry from around the country?

 Mail in Jewelry

Cook County Buyers private office is located in Northbrook IL, however I have sellers from all over the country. If you decide you want to sell your items after receiving a rough estimate of value from me, I will email you a prepaid fully insured Fedex label. You simply print that label, pack your items up securely, and take them to the nearest Fedex facility with the label and your items will safely ship to me.

Once received and inspected, I will contact ou within 24 hours with an exact offer amount. If you accept, you will receive an Echeck in your email the same day! Or you can choose to receive Paypal or a check in the mail. If you are not satisfied with the offer the item will promptly be returned back to you again fully insured.

Since I cover the cost of shipping both ways and fully insure the packages, there is no risk for you at all to receive the best offer for your Diamond Jewelry.

If you are not yet comfortable shipping your valuable items to me, please take some time to read about Cook County Buyers. We are a fully accredited business with the BBB and have an A+ rating with zero complaints for the entire time we have been in business. Also read all the 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. I would never risk my reputation in any way. I assure your satisfaction with our transaction 100%. Also feel free to call me to talk about the process and any concerns you may have, here is my personal cell phone number (773) 490-9828

What if I decide not to sell?

 Free Instant Quotes Before Meeting

The reason Mike always gives free rough estimates first is so you are ready to sell when you meet. If you are not yet ready to sell after hearing the rough estimate, it is advised that you get a couple other estimates first to get a feel for the market value of your items. After you have done that, contact Mike again and let him know what cash offers you have received. Mike is almost always able to beat other buyers’ offers!

However, if you merely want to learn the value of your items and are not yet ready to sell, consider using Cook County Buyers Verbal Appraisal Service.